Too busy to do anything…

30 Dec


…Too busy & yet life must go on…


So I guess I was too busy to blog… It has been more than a month, and even before I can’t say I was that pro-active -_-” 
So what was I doing?

1) Working on my social life. Not a success when you work and study… I have also to find more outgoing friends. Boy why do they all want to stay home and chillax? They’re all stealing my old “bad” habit  Plus if you want to travel or go out, you have to have $$$. So conclusion, first I need to work on my budget, to be able to enjoy life.

2) University. Seriously, why on earth every semester they manage to reduce the number of class hours but increase the number of home-study hours??? Every time I feel like I have more time to catch up on reading, watching TV-shows & movies… Then I realize that the deadline is Fudging tomorrow. :-/

3) Volunteer work. I do love working on my karma, but I think I didn’t get the memo about exploitation of volunteers. It came to a point that I spent more time for the several associations I’m involved with than for my studies & work. Still since it comes from the heart, I don’t mind much to be exploited 😉

4) Last but not least, I was too busy being busy not knowing what to write about & censuring myself.


So 2013 is nearly there, I need to come up with New Year resolutions… I decided to stop censuring myself.. even spam if I have nothing interesting to say… wait a minute I’m sure I have always interesting things to share ^_^
So this time I’ll try to be a better blogger…

xoxo SuperJoojoo


Superjoojoo in Wonderland…

2 Nov


“You used to be much more… “muchier”. You’ve lost your muchness.”
______________________ ~   Lewis Carroll  ~

It is going to be nearly 10 months since the last time I wrote. I remember that back then I decided to stop censuring myself in any kind of ways and to focus on being the better version of “me”…  Well that wasn’t a success, was it?

Not only, I have spent my time to boycott my blog but also I have sabotaged my chances to achieve my goals… The true & main reason is still obscure to me. Nobody really knows why we really do what we do.. Call it matter of the heart, matter of the mind, moral barriers, cultural barriers… Nobody likes to point them out. Who likes to believe that we are the only ones responsible? Everyone prefers to blame external factors and barriers, because it sounds weird and cuckoo to say that we are the reason for our pain &  failure  😉

Since I have too much me-time nowadays, I decided to get back here but in a different way. I want to share more about my crazy experiences & world… Write about everything and anything…

So… Buckle up & enjoy the ride,

xoxo Superjoojoo

Fresh start :-)

12 Jan

Nearly 2 weeks since new year eve and I haven’t put on paper my 2012 resolutions. It is quite a brilliant idea, they seem more flexible like that. I won’t judge myself or feel like a quitter at the end of the year. Last year technique of having just one new year resolution was not that great. Remember “my 2011 resolution is not having any resolutions!” => total flop!

This is why against all odds I decided to choose 1 real new year resolution. It turned out to be a new motto:

“If you want the best in life, first be the best you because the world also deserve the best! Be the woman you deserve to be! Want, move and cherish!”

I have to confess I was under painkiller when I wrote this motto in my diary. Read it again this morning and couldn’t help smiling.

“This is it!”
I am not going to censure myself because I am scared. I have the right to be crazy, childish, dreamy and joyful. I have the right to live my life fully. I realized that I have been watching my time flowing while myself I was on “hold”. December 2012 is not the end of the world but the end of an era.

Well then I have 1 year to get myself ready to rock n’ roll!   

New year, new chapter…

1 Jan

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all a wonderful new year!

May 2012 bring you love, friendships, joy, happiness, health, creativity and success!

Lots of love,

Eid Ghadir mobarak! Happy eid Ghadir! !عید غدیر خوم مبارک

15 Nov

October’s shout out…

18 Oct

Proud to be different or not…

31 May

We love to spy on celebrities… We want to know everything: what they eat, their habits, their hobbies, what they do and how they do it, how they dress… There is a stalker in every one of us.
When you start a diet if movie star lambda did it then it must be a great one. If this woman on tv wore a weird combination, it will be your next outfit inspiration.
In an era.where we fight for freedom is this right? We prefer to put our taste and all lifestyle decision into the hands of some “trend setters”. But at what price?
The sheep people phenomena has it good and bad sides. In an idealistic world, it tends to create a unique wave of people: dress the same, have the same taste, hobbies… There can not be hate if there is no singularity, can it?
Now can this marketing brainwashing system really work? We were all created/born as a unique being… Following some unique pattern of being will resume by kill who we are to become a shadow.
Here again is an example of how the human mind can be twisted. We fight for our voice, our uniqueness and beliefs. Yet we prefer to follow trendsetter and “mindsetter” so we don’t have to think really by ourselves.

Here I am…

1 May

p.s. Happy Labour day 😉

DIY Mania

5 Apr

Back from the seventies: DIY fashion! Been categorized as a hobby for grannies and people who don’t fit in the social world, DIY is now a big trend.

I don’t want to correlate this comeback to the present economic crisis… Fashion is expensive. Money is rare these days. So enjoy the movement and let’s be crafty!

Stars who love to knit: Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker…

Stars who love to sew: Eva Longoria, Venus Williams, Chris Martin (Coldplay, lead vocalist), Nicole Kidman…

Here is some nice DIY blogs:

Another Adam & Eve story…

31 Mar

Pesar adam dokhtare hava –   پسر آدم دختر حوا

The story is about two lawyers both young, beautiful and single… Scammed by two real estate agents (it’s hard to find clients these days with all this crisis… you can’t blame them much lol), they end up sharing the same flat as their office and here start the fun! Nice romantic comedy. I really laughed like a child nearly all movie-long. It reminded me a lot of Tom and Jerry, or more adequately to Persian boy and girl relationship…

Since the first time I saw it I was too sick and druggie, I’ll watch it soon again. Who saw it? and what did you think of it?

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